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Great Britain is not The United Kingdom!

There is a difference between "Great Britain" and "The United Kingdom". Great Britain consist of England, Scotland and Wales. And The United Kingdom is Great Britain + Northen Ireland.

About all of them you know as well - it's so many topics about it! Let's systematize our knowledge about this contries.

Population: 5.2 million
Capital city: Edinburgh
Other cities: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee
Main industries: oil, electronics, shipbuilding, textiles, whisky, tourism
Main farm produce: cereals, wool, beef, lamb

Population: 2.8 million
Capital city: Cardiff
Other cities: Swansea, Newport
Main industries: coal mining, steel, electronics, engineering, tourism
Main farm produce: milk, butter, cheese, cereals, beef, lamb

Northen Ireland
Population: 1.5 million
Capital city: Belfast
Other city: Londonderry
Main industries: shipbuilding, textiles, engineering
Main farm produce: milk, butter, cheese, cereals, beef, bacon, eggs, chickens and potatoes

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