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Тraveling is exciting.

A lot of people are fond of traveling. We can travel by all means of transport: by car, by bus, by train and by air. Travelling by car is interesting, because you can see towns and cities and nature. Travelling by sea is so wonderful!

You can travel to different part of our large country. In the West you enjoy cities and towns that are full of history of our country. You visit museums telling about traditions and culture of Russia. Those, who are fond of hiking travel to the East of our country. High mountains and big woods are full of wonders. It is nice to travel to the South. It's such a wonderful weather there! Sunny days, warm sea, golden sand and much fruit help to have a good rest.

Last year during my vacation I was at a sanatorium in the Crimea on the shore of the Black Sea. After the examinations I had many things to do in the town. When I was quite free I could go to the station, buy a ticket and catch a fast train going to the Crimea.

I like to travel very much, so the way was very interesting for me. Our sanatorium was in a beautiful white building at the seashore. Behind it there was a large park with lots of pretty flowers. Through the window of my room 'I could see the high mountains. I must say that, though I was not quite well then, I had a very good time.

But you can travel not only to different parts of our country; you can visit other countries, too.

It's so exciting to visit different countries and places, but the English proverb says: "East or West… home is best", and it's nice to come back home after traveling.

I think, that traveling is a very useful thing for us, and I enjoy all kinds of traveling very much!

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