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Television - advantages and disadvantages.

In our days many people speak about television: some said it's doing a lot of harm; other said that nobody makes you watch TV. But television - is a great amount of information and has got its advantages and disadvantages.

I think we must watch TV to be well informed. It gives wonderful possibilities for education. Besides, there is a considerable variety of programes. We can choose what we want to see.

Television brings the world to our livingroom. We see people in our country and in other lands, and learn of their customs, occupations, opinions and problems.

We become better informed by watching documentaries, science programmes, discussions and by learning about the most important economic, social and political issues of the day.

We see great events, which will pass into history. We can see famous people. We become more cultured people by learning more of the arts.

So, television has many advantages, but there are bad sides too. Some pupils do their homework in front of the television screen. Others rush their homework so they can watch television. In either case, the quality of the work is affected. Some pupils are so attracted by television that they do not do their homework at all.

Some children have made watching TV their main leisure activity and they are not enriching their personalities by developing hobbies and belonging to clubs. Television may lead to poor health, through rushed meals, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and eyestrain.

Many children no longer read books. This will seriously affect their performance in higher forms, for reading is the key to all higher study, and needs constant practice.

As for me, television enriches our intellect, gives us opportunities to see the best actors and performances, to hear the latest news, to listen to political discussions. And in my opinion TV is a great force in the world.

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Реклама в Интернет