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Continuation of education.

Let me introduce myself. I'm a pupil of the 9th form of a secondary school in Ekaterinburg. Our school gives general education.

My dream recently became a trade of the web-designer. I've chosen this profession as my future occupation a not so long ago. As a lamer, I listened to my uncle and grandfather discussing professional matters. Little by little I got interested in the subject and began thinking of law as my prospective occupation. For me choosing career is not only a matter of future prestige and wealth. In my opinion a job should be interesting and socially important. I hope I'll manage to pass my school leaving exams and entrance exams at the university with good and excellent marks.

Certainly, I shall continue my education, and I'll not stop at achieve. After school I'd like to go to university or Highest Educational Institution. But I think to become a web-designer on my final choice!

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