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Systems of education in Russia and in the USA.

Every citizen of our country has the right of education. This right is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is not only the right but a duty, too. Every boy or girl must get secondary education. They go to school at the age of six or seven and must stay there until they are 14-17 years old. At the school pupils study academic subjects, such as a Russian, Literature, Mathematics, History, Biology, a foreign languages and others.

After finishing 9 forms of a secondary school young people can continue their education in the 10th and 11th form. They can also go to a vocational or technical school, where they study academic subjects and receive a profession. A college gives general knowledge in academic subjects and a profound knowledge in one of several subjects.

Education in our country is free at most schools.

The federal government of USA pays little attention to school education in this country. There is neither a uniform school system in the USA, nor a uniform curriculum. Each state has its own system of schools. But there are some common features in the organization of school education in the country.

Schools in the USA can be divided into state, or public schools, and private schools. State schools are free, and private schools are fee- paying.

Elementary and secondary schools consist of twelve grades.

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