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An English group.

I study English in a group. It is not large. There are fifteen students in it. The teacher of the group is Comrade Coates. She is a middle-aged woman. She knows the language perfectly and very experienced at that. She is a kind woman but a very strict teacher.

We like her method. She teaches us to read, write and speak English. At the lessons she does not speak Russian with us. She speaks only English. We understand her well and also try to speak English with her. Now we also begin to speak English. It is clear that' we cannot speak fluently.

Our lessons are interesting. We all work hard at our English because we want to learn it well. There are many good pupils in the group. They study well, learn quickly, and get good and excellent marks. I suppose we have no lazy students. It is true we have some students who do not always do their homework and get only fair marks, but I don't think that it is because they are lazy. May be they have not enough time.

Among the students of our group there are many members of the English Club, as it is called. I believe that our group is one of the best in the school.

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Реклама в Интернет