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About myself.

I am a pupil of the 9th form of a secondary school in Ekaterinburg. Our school gives general education. My school is not far from my place. It takes me a 10-minute walk to get there. My class used to be a specialized class, offering a course of English. It is aiming at giving deeper knowledge of the subject and developing communication skills. I've always liked social sciences and foreign languages.

In the future I want to follow a web-designer. It is very fascinating and has tightened me in it. I think this job is so interesting that you can't tear it away!

My favourite holidays are New Year and my birthday - they are always very fun and beautiful. I enjoy this holidays most of all.

I like to read newspapers more than books. Most of all I enjoy local newspapers, such as "Teleweek". Still I like free newspapers, papers for teenagers and sports fans and magazines about computer technologies.

My hobbies are reading and web designing. I devote to this a large part of my free time. Computer is a favourite pastime, and it made my life more interesting.

I am very sport active people, I think. So, every person must be engaged in sport. We must play sport games to keep fit and healthy. My main and favourite sport is basketball - it is a great game! I join sport, and, of course, I am a sportsman. And certainly, it's better for me to going for sports than lie in the bed and spit in a ceiling. I like sport - it is my need!

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