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My working day [at school].

On weekdays my day begins rather early. I am very busy on these days. Our lessons begin at 8 o'clock so I have to get up early, if I want to have enough time to do everything what I think necessary. Before going to school first of all I do my morning exercises. If it is warm enough I do them in the yard. If it is cool, I open the window and do them in front of it. Then I go to the bathroom and wash myself or have a shower. Having dried and dressed myself I go to the kitchen to have breakfast. I usually do not eat much in the morning. I eat a sandwich or two and drink a cup of milk or tea. Then I take my things and go to school. It takes me 10 minutes to get there.

I have six lessons every day. At the lessons we read and retell the texts, write exercises, dictations or compositions, do sums and solve problems. At Physical Training lessons we run, jump and play different games. We have breaks of 10 minutes between the lessons. During the long break which is twenty minutes long we go to the school dining-room and have lunch.

If I am on duty, I go to school 10 minutes earlier, because I have to air our classroom before the lessons and to get everything in the room ready for the lesson. During the breaks 1 clean the blackboard, wet the duster and fetch the chalk. After the lessons I air the classroom once more, sweep and clean the floor, dust the desks and the window-sills and water the flowers.

I come back home at about three o'clock, have my dinner, wash up, rest a little and then do my homework. Sometimes I help my parents about the house.

In the evening I read books or watch TV, go for a walk with my friends or visit my grandparents who live nearby. Late evening I like to play computer games or do some work and interesting things on computer.

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