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My working day [at work].

Tomorrow morning I shall wake up and look at the clock, which stands on the little table near my bed. Usually it is half past seven when I wake up. I shall get up quickly, open the window and switch on the radio. I do my gymnastics to the music every morning.

At a quarter to eight I shall go to the bathroom and take a cold shower. Then I shall wash my face and hands with soap. After that I shall dress.

At eight o'clock I shall sit down to breakfast. For breakfast I usually take a glass of coffee, some bread and butter and two eggs. Tomorrow I shall have some cheese too.

After breakfast I shall switch off the radio, put on my coat and hat and leave for the office. Then it will be a quarter past eight.

I shall go to the bus stop, where I shall wait for my bus. When it comes, I shall take it and go to the office, which is in the centre of the city. Sometimes I go by the underground. I don't go by tram. It takes me half an hour to get to my office. Usually I come there at nine o'clock. I shall take off my coat and go to my place. My working day will begin.

During the day I have many things to do. I have to read and write letters and reports, send telegrams to different places, ring up and speak over the telephone to various people. Tomorrow I have to go to see my chief working in another building and speak to him. He will give me necessary instructions. From one o'clock to two o'clock we have an interval for lunch, which we take in our dining-room.

We finish work at 6 o'clock. After work I usually prefer to walk home to get some fresh air. When I come home, I shall have dinner. After dinner, if I am tired, I shall lie down on the sofa and rest a little. I shall take the newspaper or some book from the bookcase and read for a while. I have a lot of fine books. Some of them belong to my brother living in the same flat.

In the evening I usually go to the club where I meet a lot of comrades working at our office. Tomorrow I shall go to the cinema or to the theatre. After I come home, I shall sit down at my desk, light the lamp and read till twelve o'clock or so. Sometimes I switch on the radio and listen-in to the music.

Usually I go to bed at 12 o'clock. Before I go to bed, I switch off the radio.

Tonight we shall have a meeting after work. At the meeting there will be a report on socialist competition between us and another office.

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Реклама в Интернет