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Books in our life.

Books… I think, that we can't live without them.

People all over the world enjoy books. Books are our friends and teachers. We can learn a lot of interesting and useful things from the books.

We can learn a lot about new lands and the world around us reading books about travellings and adventures. When we read books on history we learn a lot about the history and traditions of our country and many foreign countries.

Stories about birds and animals to love and to care of nature, to help animals and birds and to understand the beauty of nature. Fables teach us to understand what is right and what is wrong, not to be lazy and naughty.

Some children like to read fairy tales and stories about magic and imaginary lands.

We learn from the books how to be hard-working and take care of people, we read about true friends, noble, brave and honest people.

My favourite book is "The boy with a sword". It is written by Krapivin. He is a well-known writer. This book is about friendship and true, brave and honest people. This book teaches us to do good and pleasant things for people and your friends.

Books must be our friends during all our life.

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