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A hobby is a favourite pastime, which a person chooses to his or her liking. If you have chosen a hobby to your liking, lucky you are: you have made your life more interesting.

Numerous hobbies can be subdivided into four large classes: doing things, making things, collecting things, and learning things.

The most popular of all hobby groups is doing things. It includes a wide variety of activities, everything from gardening to travelling and from chess to volleyball. A relatively new hobby, which is becoming more popular, is computer games. Also teenagers like to draw, paint, and write music.

Almost everyone collects something at some period of his life: stamps, coins, matchboxes, books, records, postcards, toys, watches. Some collections have no real value. Others become so large and so valuable that they are housed in museums and galleries. Many world-famous collections started in a small way with one or two items.

I think learning things is the most exciting aspect of a hobby. I like to take pleasure by learning computer possibilities - it is very useful and valuable knowledge. I'm also interested in music. I collect records and tapes. It's a great pleasure to listen my favourite singers and groups when and where I want it.

Travelling and sightseeing is also very popular among people. Many museums, picture galleries are often visited by those who are fond of art. Places of interest are usually visited by guests and tourists, because they want to know more about the country and the people.

No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has the opportunity of learning from it.

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