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The city in which we live.

I live in Ekatherinburg. Our city is the heart of the Ural. It is one of the largest cities of the country. Ekatherinburg stands on the river Iset.

Tatishev founded our city in 1723. It is more than 250 years old. More then one million people live in Ekatherinburg.

Our city is a large industrial centre. There are a lot of plants and factories there. Many of them are famous all over the world.

Ekatherinburg is a center of science and culture. There are many institutes, the State University and Conservatoire in our city. There are also many theatres, museums, squares and parks. The best dancers and singers work in Ekatherinburg Opera House.

The central street of the city is Lenin Street. It is 4kms long. It is very noisy all day long, because there are many people and cars. The central square of 1905 is in Lenin Street.

People like to go for a walk in the Historical Garden, which is in the centre of our city too. They enjoy the walks in the Mayakovsky Park of Culture and Rest. We like to ski and skate there in winter. We can have a lot of fun there in summer too.

The fountains of Ekatherinburg make the city look beautiful in summer.

Ekaterinburg is a beautiful city, and I like it very much! I am happy that I live in this city.

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