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Arts (+The World Of Literature).

Arts appeared long time ago. People have always wanted to express their thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions.

As а result people created different kinds of art: painting, sculpture, music, theatre, cinema, photography and many others. Among them literature is the most popular and wide-spread.

The functions of literature are: to educate, to entertain and to enrich the inner world of readers.

Literature includes prose and poetry. Prose genres are numerous: historical novels, adventure and detective stories, fantasy, documentaries, science fiction and etc.

As for me I'm fond of reading humorous and detective stories. When I read such books I relax and forget about my troubles. Plus, I've to read a lot of classical literature for my lessons, but it doesn't give me so much pleasure. It depends on my mood what books I read , but I always like poetry.

Sometimes events, characters and emotions described in poems seem to be close and familiar. Very often I feel in the same way as the poet. That's why I decided to express my inner state and attitude to life in my own verses. Sometimes I write about people who have influenced me and about my attitude to them. But most of my poems are about my love and hatred, affection and indifference, happiness and sorrow. My creations are caused by some people and events that impressed me.

It's my own way of self-expression.

It depends on a person, how he can express himself. Only arts make it possible. So everybody chooses his own kind of art and creates his personal style.

I'd like to tell you about Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. He is a great Russian dramatist and short-story writer. Chekhov was born in 1860 in Taganrog. He went to Moscow, where he studied medicine. In college Anton Pavlovich wrote humorous sketches. He was able to develop a style of his own. Than he began to work in a more serious way. His 1-st play established Chekhov as a dramatist.

He was seriously ill. He had tuberculosis. So Chekhov bought a small estate near Melikhovo, where he spent 5 years. He wrote some of his best stories there, including Ward No. 6, the Sea-gull and Uncle Vanya.

In 1901 Chekhov married an actress, Olga Knipper.

Chekhov's health went worse and he had to spend remaining years in the Crimea. The writer was 44, when he died.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov had an immense influence on the 20-th century.

He was loved and respected by his contemporaries, however many other talented people became famous only after their death. But they are still remembered and admired.

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