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Modern M. is very different from the M. of the past centuries. But in all times people expressed their feelings and emotions with the help of M. All people are not alike, that's why there are so many various styles in music. (Folk, techno, Jazz and etc.)

Nowadays singers and songs become popular very quickly thanks to special radio programs and TV channels. Many people prefer listening to Europe+, Autoradio & Radio Adam. And the most favorite TV channel is MTV.

As for me I'm not a fan of any special singer or group. I like many of them and it depends on my mood what music I want to listen to at the moment.

It may seem strange that I switch on slow, quiet and a bit melancholic songs when everything is excellent and I feel happy. But when something goes wrong and I'm about to cry I need to hear hard and loud aggressive M., because it inspires me to fight against circumstances. So it helps me to over come my depression and makes me stronger.

As I've no special preferences, I have got a big collection of CD-s and music computer files for any occasion.

I'd like to add that I know a lot of people who love and appreciate good quality music.

One of my friends has a great collection of the best hits, which belong to different styles. Another friend is a guitarist and learns to play the drums and cymbals. A 3-d is a DJ in the popular disco-club. Every weekend great number of people gather at disco parties to dance and relax there.

Music is the thing that unites them.

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Реклама в Интернет