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The world I live in (My school years).

The world I live in includes many fields of life. I'd like to tell you about 3 main things in my life: family, friends and school.

Our family consists of 4 members: my parents, sister and I. We are quiet friendly. Our family has a tradition: in winter my parents and my sister every Sunday go skiing. I don't like winter sports, that's why I stay at home or go for a walk.

Now about my friends. I had many friends while at school. We used to spend a lot of time together, going out, visiting concerts, discussing our plans for the future. As for my best friend, I have only one - Ivan by name. We have known each other for many years. The best memories of my childhood are associated with Ivan. We have much in common, of course. It's a pity he is going to enter the Ural State University after Gorky. But I hope we won't forget each other!

A big part of my life was taken by school. I spent there a half of my time. I studied at school №38. It is situated not far from here - in Bazhova street. It's an old building with big windows, good classrooms and fine interior. Its headmaster Vasiliy Dmitrievich is very strict. He never stops nagging both teachers and pupils. I was good in Mathematics and English, but I never liked Geography. It was such a boring subject! My favorite teacher was Olga Nikolaevna, who taught us Mathematics. She is a very interesting and kind woman. We enjoyed every minute of her lessons. There are different clubs at our school: sports club, dancing group, English club. I was too busy to join them because of my entrance examinations.

My school years have finished, and I hope that the university will take this spare place and my life will be as interesting and bright as it was at school.

? And what about your hobbies?

I'm not fond of collecting stamps, post-cards or labels. These are the most common cases, I believe. I enjoy reading. By the way, books are very expensive nowadays. They are not deficit any more, but prices! But when you are keen on reading, you don't think about money. Who doubts the usefulness of reading? Nobody does. I'm keen on collecting photos of favourite musicians; and it also enables me to keep abreast of the latest cultural news. My hobbies always help me be full of vigour and vitality.

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