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Why do you think many people like travelling?

I think that many people like traveling. When you travel you go from place to place, you meet different people, you get to know a lot of interesting things and keep your memories for a long time.

The travel bug comes to people of different ages, often rather late in life. People retire, their children live separately, sometimes it's necessary to forget some sad facts or events - there can be so many reasons - they start travelling. It's impossible in our country, I'm afraid, because many old people here are penniless, but there in America or Canada people travel just by a camper and enjoy the best of life. They don't worry about visas, they can change their direction… I envy them.

Well, I like to travel, too. And I want to tell you about the most impressing place I have been to. I think that the most beautiful thing is not the thing created by people, but the thing created by nature.

Quite recently I have been to Crimea. Year by year I go to the Crimea on my summer holidays. I have been to many port-towns and cities, stayed on the seashore, but Crimean mountains make the greatest impression on me. I saw the mountains near our camp, Saki, 3 years ago. It was so beautiful! Can you imagine how a rocky wall rises in front of you, it seems to be of an unachievable height? You think that you are just an insect in comparison with this huge mountain.

Monks lived there in the 10th century. There was a monastery in these mountains, named Mangup-Cale. Excavations of it are being made now. Monks lived so high to secure themselves from other people.

Beautiful nature in these mountains makes us think about Paradise: you can look through transparent air and see fields, and lakes, and forests, and, of course, marvellous rocky mountains… Agree, a man can't make such wonder!

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Реклама в Интернет