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Do you agree that at present young people read less than before?

Nowadays we can choose different ways of relaxing and getting information. Reading is the eldest way, but not the best one for the rapid pace of our life. The technical progress gives us an opportunity to get information without difficulties and without losing time. Many people all over the world use the Internet and play computer games - it takes a lot of time and doesn't leave time for reading. Television is more widespread thing than Internet, and it takes a lot of time, too.

Of course, due to these reasons people at present read less than before, especially young people, because they are more progressive. But I think that there are many people who read now and many people who don't read. It depends on likes and dislikes of people.

As for me, I like to read. I'm fond of reading fantastic and philosophical books and my favourite writer is Richard Bach. Born in 1936 in Oak Park, the American Richard Bach is the great-great-great grandson of Iogann Sebastian Bach - the great composer we all know. He is the author of twelve books, including the bestsellers Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. A former USAF fighter pilot and airplane mechanic, he flies a seaplane today.

Richard Bach's books are filled with talk of alternate lifetimes, space-time, and out of body experiences. Each time I read any of his books, not only do I find something in it that I never noticed before, but I am helped in some way or I understand something about human nature just a little bit better. In his books Bach forces you to rethink the world in a positive manner, so different from so many other books being written. His words and ideas changed my life.

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Реклама в Интернет