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TV in our life.

It is common knowledge that TV plays a very important part in our life. I think that by its nature TV has proved to be most effective in covering dramatic, action-filled events - such as local wars and conflicts, military coups, presidential elections. At first, it was thought that the popularity of TV would cause declining interest in the other media.

Television programs keep people informed about the latest developments in different fields. Television is a very good type of entertainment. But people begin to depend too much on it; they don't often go out and even speak to each other less (well, it's a joke, of course). But, to put it seriously, some people spend too much time watching TV. They simply can't switch it off! It's like a drug. People get addicted to certain TV series, don't they? Let us take the so-called "soap operas".

All my friends and relatives are crazy about _________________(впишите сюда актуальный на сегодняшний день телесериал) . I tell them that too much TV is certainly bad for people's eyes, that people watch TV at the expense of their health, but they don't listen to me.

On the other hand, documentaries, science programs, news and talk shows help people to learn a lot. We can watch a lot of feature films on TV. Nowadays, when cinema ticket cost a pretty penny, television helps greatly to keep abreast of the latest cinema news and gossips. You can't help noticing that there are many American films on our TV, not best ones, I'm afraid. Many of them feature fighting, shooting, murder. Children like them, you won't drag such kids from the box. As for me I prefer programs with a lot of music.

Television is popular among everybody, and it deserves its popularity, it really does.


1) What is the "soap-opera"?

Originally they were sponsored by soap advertisers. They are called operas because they present highly emotional situations, like many European operas of 19th century.

2) What is tour attitude for TV advertising?

Well, on the one hand it annoys a significant proportion of audience. Just imagine, you are sitting comfortably in your chair watching a thriller, and every fifteen minutes it is interrupted by ads! Of course, it gets on my nerves!

But some people like it, or, to be more exact, they like the way of presentation of ads. But whether we like TV advertising or not, the main point is that TV today depends on advertisers and advertising to a great extend. Today TV will not survive without advertising.

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