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Sports in our life.

Nobody doubts that sports and games are popular all over the world. People are interested in sport, this interest is constant growing. And what about sport in our country? It has always been popular with Soviet, then Russian people. The fact remains: Soviet hockey players, skaters, skiers won recognition abroad many years ago. Now Russians play for some foreign clubs.

I think that sport has become commercial. Sport news inform us not only about victories, but about the sums of money, paid for those victories. The best sportsmen leave for other countries. Why? For the sake of money, I think. But still a lot of fans watch matches on TV, go to stadiums. Commercial or amateur, sport attracts attention, many young people devote their lives to sports and games, the number of loyal sport fans doesn't become less.

Sport helps us keep fit and remain our vigour and vitality.

A lot has been done in this country to popularize physical culture. Some of our secondary schools have good gyms, we used to have sports competitions, went in for skiing in winter; of course, it is good for health.

But I think that the importance of going in for sports should not be overestimated. Watching sports events and going in for sports are two different things. Professionals work hard, very often they get injured and have to stay at the mercy of their sports club, which often simply can't support them financially. I think that such popular mottos of the past as "Sport unites nations" or "It helps promote cooperation and peace" are just a bit of nonsense. It's a show, an entertainment for those present - I mean spectators - and hard work for the performers.

This is my opinion, of course.

? Do you do any sport?

I took up (played) basketball for 3 years. Then I stopped it, because I became very busy with my classes. But I'm a fan. I watch tournaments and matches.

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