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Which do you enjoy more: going to the cinema or to the theatre?

I have always been a great cinemagoer - since my childhood, I'm not kidding - I remember myself at the age of 5 or 6. My granny used to take me by my hand, and we walked to the "Salut" Cinema. I was bought ice-cream, chocolate, chewing gum. I adored watching cartoons.

As I grew older I started joining to the cinema with my school friends. We still go there though we are short of time. We preferred comedies starring such actors as Jim Carry. As for Russian feature films, some of them are not bad. I like old Russian comedies very much.

Well, sometimes I also like to go to the theatre, but I do it not very often. Why? Due to different reasons - lack of time, first of all. Then I'm too lazy to book tickets in advance. I like our Drama theatre, but I was there many years ago: I was a child and I was under impression of its decorations.

So, I can't say exactly what I prefer: going to the cinema or to the theatre. It depends on my mood.

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