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Ecological problems of the modern world: pollution and environmental protection.

The problem of relations between man and nature is becoming more and more important. Every year, according to statistics, hundreds of millions tons of toxic substances are discharged into the air and the World Ocean. Smog kills people, brings illness, ruins grate monuments of history and culture.

Ekaterinburg, its region and, I think, the majority of Russian cities and towns are no exception. We are short of drinking water, tap water is dirty, air is dirty, rivers and lakes are polluted with industrial waste which causes the water to loose its oxygen and changes the river's or lake's flora and fauna. I know that work on cleaning the Iset River has stopped due to lack of money, and not only the Iset. The Thames has been polluted and its fauna partly ruined.

The pollution of the Mediterranean Sea is a tragic subject, indeed. Nobody doubts that filtering equipment is very expensive. But the task of the present generation is to save this beautiful world.

So, what anti-pollution measures can be taken? It depends, you know. In Moscow, e.g. some factories have been moved out of the city. Some new motorways have been built. They have money, they can afford it. And Ekaterinburg with its two hundred industrial enterprises can't. But I think that Ekaterinburg is a green city and there are some nice spots in it.

Industrial enterprises should be provided with purification plants. And, of course, special legislation on nature conservation is required.

? Что конкретно я делаю для сохранения природы?

Well, I never throw out litter in the yard or in the street. And I think, it is necessary to organize subbotnics more often to keep our beautiful city clean. That's how I understand it.

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