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Books by English and American writers you have ever read.

During my life I have read many interesting books. These were books written by writers from different countries. Of course, I read books by English and American writers. Some of them were included into school curriculum, the others were advised me by my friends.

In my childhood I read "Alice in wonderland" by Luis Karol. I don't remember my feelings about this book, but I remember that I was impressed by the cartoon. I watched it many times.

When I grew older I have read "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. It is an amazing story, I found there many interesting phrases and situations, connected with my life.

And just this year I was advised to read the American modern writer Richard Bach. His books are filled with talk of alternate lifetimes, space-time, and out of body experiences. His words and ideas changed my life.

I want to tell you about one of Richard Bach's books - Illusions. In this book Bach forces you to rethink the world in a positive manner, so different from so many other books being written. Richard, flying across the Midwest in his biplane, selling rides for food and gas money, meets Donald Shimoda, who seems to be doing the exact same thing. Except Donald never needs to clean his plane or eat, and he can make things move just by thinking it so. It is possible, according to the book, to take control of your life and to manipulate it to make yourself happy. Everybody has this power. This book is for everyone who isn't afraid to learn more about himself.

So, I can't say that I am fond of English and American writers at all; I just can say that my favourite writer is the American writer - Richard Bach.

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