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Computers in the modern world.

Computers play a very important part in our life. They help people in their work and studies. They save us a lot of time. While at school I often made use of the Internet to collect information for my test papers and compositions.

Computers give access to a lot of information. It is possible to find data and descriptions, chapters from necessary books… to make a long story short, everything you need.

Computers have been around for about fifty years or so. ENIAC, the first great electronic computer, was built in the 1940th; it was the size of a large house, was limited in power and was unreliable. But computers developed quickly. Today computers sit comfortably on our desks and have much more power than those original machines. In the last ten years or so, most large businesses have become completely dependent on computers for storing and looking at information, for writing and for calculating financial and mathematical information.

Computers within a single office or building may be connected, and they therefore form a network. Users of computers on a network can send messages to each other, utilizing the same collections of data or information. In many offices and organizations computer messages have replaced messages written on paper, and they are now called e-mail or electronic mail. E-mail is not only fast and easy (if you understand how to use the computer), but it also saves paper and the work of moving paper from one place to another. Workers can send and receive e-mail without leaving their desks and their desktop computers.

? Disadvantages?

There are some disadvantages, of course. Computer can get viruses. Sometimes the wrong people can make use of the information available in the wrong way. Computers become out-of-date very quickly, they need to be replaced.

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Реклама в Интернет