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The Internet as a source of information.

Computers play a very important part in our life. They help people in their work and studies. They save us a lot of time. While at school I often made use of the Internet to collect information for my test papers and compositions.

Computers give access to a lot of information. It is possible to find data and descriptions, chapters from necessary books… to make a long story short, everything you need.

The Internet, a global computer network, which embraces millions of users all over the world, began in the United States in 1969 as a military experiment. It was designed to survive in a nuclear war. Information sent over the Internet takes the shortest path available from one computer to another.

Most of the Internet host computers (more than 50%) are in the United States, while the rest are located in more than 100 other countries. Although the number of host computers can be counted fairly accurately, nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet. There are millions and their number is growing by thousands each month worldwide.

Users of computers on a network can send messages to each other, utilizing the same collections of data or information. In many offices and organizations computer messages have replaced messages written on paper, and they are now called e-mail or electronic mail. E-mail is not only fast and easy (if you understand how to use the computer), but it also saves paper and the work of moving paper from one place to another. Workers can send and receive e-mail without leaving their desks and their desktop computers.

The Internet may provide businessmen with a reliable alternative to the expensive and unreliable telecommunication systems of their communities. Commercial users can communicate over the Internet with the rest of the world and can do it very cheaply.

But saving money is only the first step. If people see that they can make money from the Internet, they increase the commercial use of this network. For example, some American banks and companies conduct transactions over the Internet.

So, you see that the Internet is an inseparable part of our life.

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Реклама в Интернет