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Mass media, its role in the life of the society.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, television - these are mass media, which are inseparable from our life. Nowadays we are better informed then ever. Of course, not all papers and programs are good. So what? You don't have to read of match the bad ones. Choose what you want.

Most national papers express a political opinion, and people choose the newspaper they read according to their own political beliefs. My parents read "Uralskiy Rabochiy", but I don't read it. I prefer youth magazines, such as "New Musical Express", because they contain a lot of interesting information about music.

There are local papers in all parts of Russia. Many free local newspapers are delivered to people's homes whether they ask for them or no. They usually contain a lot of advertisements. Those who pay for the adds try to attract customers to their store to buy goods, which are not always the best and cheapest.

I'm not much of an expert, but in my opinion the rapid pace of our life gives priority to radio and especially television. I think that radio (I mean central radio) is regulated by the Government. It broadcasts official points of view, as I feel it. The number of ads is limited. I don't think that the media now are out of control.

Television, like radio, focused on popular entertainment to provide large audiences. You can't help noticing that there are many American films on our TV, not best ones, I'm afraid. Many of them feature fighting, shooting, murder. Children like them, you won't drag such kids from the box.

TV advertising, on the one hand, annoys a significant proportion of audience. Just imagine, you are sitting comfortably in your chair watching a thriller, and every fifteen minutes it is interrupted by ads! Of course, it gets on spectator's nerves! But some people like it, or, to be more exact, they like the way of presentation of ads. But whether we like TV advertising or not, the main point is that TV today depends on advertisers and advertising to a great extend. Today TV will not survive without advertising.

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Реклама в Интернет