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Problems, facing young people.

Everybody says that youth is the best time of our life, that being young means romance, love, new discoveries, but it is also the most difficult time, because you have to make some very important decisions, which will influence all your future life.

Things are not easy nowadays even for adults, but for teenagers, who have to find their own place in society, it's very difficult. It is necessary not only to adapt to our society, but also to be confident of your position in 5, 10 or 20 years time.

For our future it is essential to have a good job. And to get a really good job you have to be well educated.

Emotional problems for young people can be very important, as well. The typical teenager problem is that "nobody understands me". Some parents often continue to treat their children as little ones when they probably consider themselves to be adults.

There are some global problems, facing young people in probably all the countries. Lets start with smoking. According to our mass media, at the age of 16 almost 72% of boys and 37% of girls in Russia have already tried smoking. By the way, smoking is not a natural demand. Teens start smoking, when they went to imitate adults. Of course, smoking parents practically have no chance to persuade their kids not to try smoking.

Drugs. Students know the names of drugs well enough, 32% say they have tried drugs one time, mainly because of curiosity, friends influence, the wish to relax or to become "cool".

Another problem of youth is pregnancies among young women. One million teenagers become pregnant each year. About one million young people run away from home each year. Most of them return. Those, who don't, often become criminals.

So, you see that problems do exist and they can't be ignored.

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