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My problems with people.

When a child grows up and becomes elder, he can have some problems. These may be different problems: with friends, with parents, with other people.

Certainly, I have problems too. Sometimes I had got conflicts with my friends. It can be owing to misunderstanding. But these problems aren't so big with comparison problems with parents. If a conflict with a friend, we are make it up on the next day, but if a parent have a reproach on you, this conflict may be longer than the week.

Problems with parents may arise because of failure to understand. Now it's so many motive to quarrel that I have disagreeable situations almost every day. But it isn't so bad, I think. This period must go out soon!

So I can give you only one advice: be friendly with all people, and you never get a wicked enemy!

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Реклама в Интернет