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My friend.

Frankly speaking, I have a lot of friends. They are my former schoolmates and boys and girls from my neighbourhood. But my bosom friend is Olga. She is a pleasant-looking girl of about 17. Olga is not very tall, but she has a strong attractive body, she is pleasantly plump. Olga is always very elegant, she wears clothes of the latest fashion. Her features are very delicate, and her charm is irresistible. She has white curly hair and dark-blue eyes. Her eyelashes are so long and thick, and her eyes seem dark for this reason. Her face is oval and she has a turn-up nose. To cut the long story short - Olga is a pretty girl. But in my opinion, inner beauty is more important than physical one. Olga is a well-bred, jolly and kind person. She is very tactful, shy and sensitive, emotionally stable and witty, generous and good-hearted.

She did well at school and was always ready to help their friends to cope with difficult home assignments.

She is fond of reading books. Olga thinks the one book isn't enough to read, she generally has two or three books going at once. Olga has a lot of books at home and she buys them wherever she goes. She says that the books are of great help any time and they always must be at hand.

Besides, my best friend is fond of music, especially classic one. She likes to listen to the music and relax. Olga goes in for sports and she is a member of our school volley-ball team. Our coach says she is a very gifted sportsman.

Olga always manages to be amusing and cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic.

She is in a habit of helping her parents, because they always have a lot of work to do both at work and about the house. She is a sunny soul by nature and always takes the slightest excuse to be amused. My best friend has an imagination and her own style. She usually writes nice compositions, because she is an educated person.

Olga is an easy-going girl, and when sometimes it comes to quarreling, she tries to make it up at once. As I have already told you, she is a helpful person and always tried to do her best to help somebody when lie has some problems. In a word -- she has a noble look and bright spirit.

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